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fly / муха, полет, крыло
имя существительное
flight, fly, voyage, run, hop, passing
wing, flank, arm, blade, airfoil, fly
fly, navigate, aviate, flitter, voyage
fly, run, wing, scud, slip, slip away
имя прилагательное
smart, clever, intelligent, shrewd, brainy, fly
circumspect, cautious, discreet, deliberate, safe, fly
knowing, aware, competent, acquainted, informed, fly
имя существительное
an opening at the crotch of a pair of pants, closed with a zipper or buttons and typically covered with a flap.
Interesting alternatives are Velcro straps or, if the shorts fit perfectly, stylish button flies .
the space over the stage in a theater.
The rest, even while the scenery keeps rising from the floor or descending from the flies , remains unremittingly flat.
a one-horse hackney carriage.
The season at Solentsea was now past: the parade was gloomy, and the flys were few and cheap.
a flying insect of a large order characterized by a single pair of transparent wings and sucking (and often also piercing) mouthparts. Flies are noted as vectors of disease.
Almost 40 years ago Ed Lewis discovered a remarkable fly that differs from an ordinary fly by one extra pair of wings.
(of a bird or other winged creature) move through the air under control.
close the door or the moths will fly in
move or be hurled quickly through the air.
balls kept flying over her hedge
(especially of hair) wave or flutter in the wind.
they were running, hair flying everywhere
flee; run away.
those that fly may fight again
be successful.
that idea didn't fly with most other council members
имя прилагательное
stylish and fashionable.
they were wearin' fly clothes
knowing and clever; worldly-wise.
she's fly enough not to get done out of it
we decided to give it a fly
Just lie down here for a few minutes until I can procure a fly , and I will have you there in a jiffy.
The scientists say similar decoys can be tailor-made for other insect pests closely related to the apple maggot fly .
And they've just put out the second call for our flight, so I must fly
It was not the most suitable of places to fly an eagle.
A log on the campfire near us cracked and collapsed, making sparks fly up into the air.
If the butterfly can fly free with its wings of iridescent color, gardeners should be allowed to do the same.
Then as I retrieved it slowly, I could see a good rainbow following in the wake of the fly .
Go and try on a pair of Levi's 501s with the original button fly .
the bird can fly enormous distances