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flux / поток, флюс, плавень
имя существительное
flow, stream, flux, current, flood, torrent
flux, gumboil
flow, stream, run, course, flux, lapse
expire, lapse, run out, emanate, outflow, flux
melt, fuse, liquate, flux, run, found
имя существительное
the action or process of flowing or flowing out.
the flux of men and women moving back and forth
continuous change.
the whole political system is in a state of flux
the rate of flow of a fluid, radiant energy, or particles across a given area.
A photodiode is mounted on the integrating sphere to measure the radiant flux from the diode laser entering the sphere.
a substance mixed with a solid to lower its melting point, used especially in soldering and brazing metals or to promote vitrification in glass or ceramics.
The water acts as a simple flux to lower the melting point of some minerals.
treat (a metal object) with a flux to promote melting.
It was considered such ideal fluxing ore that the El Paso smelter paid the costs for shipping it by rail and processed the ore at no charge to assure a steady supply.
Second, the population flux will converge towards those countries that provide the more generous social benefits or the best living conditions.
A list of patients admitted during the hospital's first years shows that reasons for admission included hysterick disorders, bloody flux , tertian ague, and melancholy.
Caribbean civilization represents the meeting of Old and New Worlds and the freshness of being ever caught up in a creative whirlpool of constant flux .
Slaked lime is an important flux in the reduction of iron in blast furnaces.
This world is luminous with suffering; everything is fragile, prone to flux .
A photodiode is mounted on the integrating sphere to measure the radiant flux from the diode laser entering the sphere.
When the SERCA pump is more active, the net flux of calcium into the cytosol decreases.
Although not proven, it is logical to assume that capillary basement membrane thickening impairs the flux of nutrients and possibly the migration of white blood cells.
Professional golfers in India are going through a period of flux .
In the case of oxidation-resistant metals the reaction is facilitated by the use of a chemical flux or metal powder.