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flutter / флаттер, трепетание, трепет
имя существительное
flutter, fibrillation, palpitation, flicker, throbbing, oscillation
trembling, thrill, awe, trepidation, tremor, flutter
tremble, flutter, thrill, shiver, quiver, palpitate
flutter, fly, wave, flap, stream, waver
vibrate, oscillate, shimmy, chatter, thrill, flutter
имя существительное
an act of fluttering.
there was a flutter of wings at the window
a small bet.
a flutter on the horses
(of a bird or other winged creature) fly unsteadily or hover by flapping the wings quickly and lightly.
a couple of butterflies fluttered around the garden
Any fans who fancy a consolation flutter should opt for 2-to Villarreal as history suggests this fate awaits them at El Madrigal on March 7.
Cat felt a flutter in the pit of her stomach and instinctively pulled her leg away.
If I was a betting man I would have an each-way flutter on him.
a flutter on the horses
Fancy a flutter , without the risk of losing your cash?
He touched Jeff's name slightly, then let the page flutter to the floor.
But Robyn could detect no movement other than the occasional gentle flutter of leaves on the trees.
We went onto the deck and watched giant flakes of ash flutter to the ground.
They carried the flag without a flutter of excitement.
She breathed a sigh of relief, and felt her heart give a warm flutter of excitement.