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fluted / рифленый, мелодичный, волнистый
имя прилагательное
fluted, corrugated, ribbed, wavy
melodic, melodious, tuneful, musical, sweet, fluted
wavy, corrugated, undulating, waved, billowy, fluted
имя прилагательное
having flutes or grooves; ridged.
fluted pillars
speak in a melodious way reminiscent of the sound of a flute.
“What do you do?” she fluted
make flutes or grooves in.
fluted columns
She wore a red robe, flowing in closely fluted lines from under a fancifully embroidered cloak.
About 11,500 years ago in North America, people started using fluted stone points for hunting.
Cut brik dough into six rounds using a 2-inch diameter fluted cutter.
The chocolate dipped shortbread should have been piped with a fluted nozzle.
To the left an aven with beautifully fluted walls soars up at least 30 metres.
Check the drill manual to determine the proper fluted feed opening required for your particular cover crop seed.
Cut each mark about 1/2-inch into the fluted edge.
Everywhere there are stone pillars, some fluted , some twisted, some many-sided.
The first models had the tumblers built into the case of the lock, which had a round fluted key.
For the barrel, Weatherby has contracted John Krieger to produce fluted , button-rifled pipes in stainless steel.