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flute / флейта, каннелюра, желобок
имя существительное
flute, fife, syrinx
flute, cannelure
groove, notch, slot, bezel, fillet, flute
whistle, ping, whish, whiffle, hoot, flute
делать выемки
scarf, channel, flute, notch
slot, groove, flute
имя существительное
a wind instrument made from a tube with holes along it that are stopped by the fingers or keys, held vertically or horizontally so that the player's breath strikes a narrow edge. The modern orchestral form, typically made of metal, is held horizontally and has an elaborate set of keys.
Reading the literature, one can hear fiddles, wood flutes , bagpipes, guitar, mandolins and bodhráns.
an ornamental vertical groove in a column.
It was yellowish-brown, and it collected in the flutes of the column.
a tall, narrow wine glass.
a flute of champagne
speak in a melodious way reminiscent of the sound of a flute.
“What do you do?” she fluted
make flutes or grooves in.
fluted columns
The champagne flute is tall and narrow to slow the loss of the CO2 bubbles, to keep it from going ‘flat’ for as long as possible.
Whether it's flute hem, a-lines, or high-waisted pencils, we have the skirt for you.
I can play an instrument, the flute , but if I could choose again it would have to be a piano, and I swear I'm going to learn the Ukelele by the time I go to Blackpool next year!
a flute of champagne
The traditional Japanese flute weaved its soulful melody.
Her hand gently motions for David's still full flute .
Not today, but sometime shortly, I will drink a flute of champagne to you Charlie and express the wish that you will be around for many more years to celebrate many more birthdays.
He is a multiple award-winning composer who has written numerous compositions for flute and other orchestra instruments.
Champagne is best served in a tall flute or tulip glasses.
I am absolutely the modern day version of a dame with flute skirts and heels.