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flushed / промывать, краснеть, вспыхнуть
wash, rinse, flush, clean, irrigate, rinse out
blush, redden, flush, color, crimson, color up
excite, stir, stir up, arouse, bring, stimulate
обильно течь
имя прилагательное
(of a person's skin) red and hot, typically as the result of illness or strong emotion.
her flushed cheeks
(of a person) excited or elated by something.
flushed with success, I was getting into my stride
(of a person's skin or face) become red and hot, typically as the result of illness or strong emotion.
Mr. Cunningham flushed angrily
cleanse (something, especially a toilet) by causing large quantities of water to pass through it.
flush the toilet
drive (a bird, especially a game bird, or an animal) from its cover.
the grouse were flushed from the woods
(of a plant) send out fresh shoots.
the plant had started to flush by late March
fill in (a joint) level with a surface.
If you're building perpendicular to an existing wall, lay the 2x4 plates next to each other and flush the ends.
Darcy remained steadfastly silent, his countenance unusually flushed .
Her face had turned from a quiet serene to a flushed surprise.
She thought about his flushed face, his gleaming eyes, his handsome build, his passionate words.
The angry, flushed face contrasted to the bright, light coloured walls of the large, minimal room.
She was pulling weeds on her knees, her face sweaty and flushed beneath her floppy sun bonnet.
His reference intensified the hue of her flushed cheeks.
At last she came rushing in, looking breathless and flushed .
Rita was calm under pressure, never looking flushed or hassled.
Turning around, she looked at my flushed face with dismay.
I felt my flushed cheek with my hand.