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flurry / шквал, волнение, суматоха
имя существительное
squall, flurry, tornado, flaw, scud
excitement, unrest, agitation, emotion, worry, flurry
turmoil, bustle, ado, flurry, clutter, tumult
excite, disturb, agitate, ferment, stir, flurry
disturb, flurry
имя существительное
a small swirling mass of something, especially snow or leaves, moved by sudden gusts of wind.
a flurry of snow
(especially of snow or leaves) be moved in small swirling masses by sudden gusts of wind.
gusts of snow flurried through the door
Suddenly a flurry of movements was shown on the screen and my brother's slightly tanned face appeared.
The actors flurry about backstage, hissing, thumping and gesticulating wildly between cues.
I am suddenly receiving a flurry of e-mails asking me to clarify what was done, who did it, etc.
You can therefore picture the flurry of preparatory activities, as we feverishly draw up To Do lists, and audit our entire wardrobes for suitable all-weather clothing.
The threat of the crisis leading to all-out conflict between the nuclear-armed neighbours has prompted a flurry of international diplomatic activity.
But the recent flurry of activity on Social Security has left me seriously far behind on a book proposal I'm trying to write.
A short sea watch produced a flurry of activity, with 5 Great Skuas passing north in the space of a few minutes.
there was a brief flurry of activity in the hall
In a flurry of heart-shaped jade-green leaves her wings appeared.
Cue flurry of excitement and diplomatic activity.