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flurried / взволнованный, взбудораженный
имя прилагательное
excited, agitated, thrilled, moved, nervous, flurried
имя прилагательное
(of a person) agitated, nervous, or anxious.
I sat down, feeling a little flurried and excited
(especially of snow or leaves) be moved in small swirling masses by sudden gusts of wind.
gusts of snow flurried through the door
Well Scanlon was in the act of dismounting when the first shot was fired at Kennedy, and Scanlon became, well, flurried , and fell to his knees.
Two elderly unmarried ladies were sitting on the front porch of their country house convincing each other they had made the right choice in life, when a rooster chased a flurried hen past them.
Her attentive entourage lifted her aloft, further emphasizing her height, and whirled about her in a flurried frenzy.
Behind us, Pat began warming himself up on his drum kit, executing a quick succession of flurried beats.
Tansini's approach is the antithesis of Parry's, replacing measured inexorability with a sequence of flurried , furtive conversations that hurtle into the stuff of nightmare.
The pounding on the door smashed him out of his flurried thoughts and he hurried to it, flinging it open.
Kevin held her hand and stopped her from her flurried packing.
If you're used to the pace of AFL or rugby union, then watching gridiron is like chess with helmets - lots of waiting around for five seconds of flurried activity.
The show grounds were a bustle of activity, horses, riders, spectators, staff members, trainers, worried parents and other people, running around in a flurried way.
His pose is very graceful, he is safe and reliable in gathering a faulty throw, he never gets flurried , and he does not appeal to that dignified gentleman in the white robe.