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fluorescent / флуоресцентный, флюоресцентный, светящийся
имя прилагательное
luminous, luminescent, radiant, fluorescent, phosphorescent, lucent
имя прилагательное
(of a substance) having or showing fluorescence.
a fluorescent dye
имя существительное
a fluorescent tube or lamp.
When replacing standard fluorescents with efficient T8 lamps, it is necessary to replace the existing ballasts with electronics ballasts.
Under the fluorescent lighting, he looked oddly attractive.
There are eccentric people, who spend hours trying to capture the colors produced by fluorescent minerals under ultraviolet radiation.
Task lighting consists of lamps that assist in performing a task, and therefore comes in the form of fluorescent lighting.
First, however, Pieribone and his colleagues are searching global coral reefs for new fluorescent proteins, ones that better shine through bones and muscle tissue.
The canopies were repaired and waterproofed, using a glass-fibre casing, and equipped with new fluorescent lighting.
In large open spaces, dimmable fluorescent fixtures will allow lighting levels to match changing conditions.
One primer of the pair was tagged with a fluorescent dye phosphoramidite.
Some fluorescent materials, under the appropriate conditions, will also phosphoresce.
It uses efficient fluorescent lighting, has passive solar heating and has R 60 insulation in the ceiling.
Security-minded customers will find the lock easy to remove and easy to see with its bright fluorescent orange casing.