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flunk / провалить, провалиться на экзамене, провалить на экзамене
vote down, damn, flunk, plow, snow under, screw up
провалиться на экзамене
flunk, fail, fail an examination, ball up
провалить на экзамене
имя существительное
полный провал
pratfall, flunk, bomb
fail to reach the required standard in (an examination, test, or course of study).
I flunked biology in the tenth grade
Insofar as such writers flunk the tests laid out by textbook publishers, they risk slipping quietly out of circulation.
And no matter how high they set the price, you were going to buy one copy because otherwise you'd flunk the course.
‘If you're talking about an elite, wealthy athlete,’ he says, ‘they'll go to people like me to make sure they don't flunk drug tests.’
So the teacher said - the English teacher said she would flunk me if I didn't take drama, because she thought I had to overcome my shyness.
When it comes to simple arithmetic, involving trillions of dollars of workers' Social Security money, the privatizers flunk the test.
I would sooner or later flunk my tests and exams.
English teacher Mr. Bates seems to flunk her for very suspect reasons.
No teacher can ever flunk a student on the basis of personal dislike.
My teacher phoned me and threatened to flunk me if I didn't go to class.
And also, I think, look, people sue because the teachers flunk their kids.