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fluff / пух, пушок, ворс
имя существительное
down, fluff, fuzz, pile, nap
fluff, down, bloom, nap, pubescence, flue
pile, nap, hair, fluff, fleece
fluff, muff
beat, fluff, shake up, whip up, beat up, hammer
имя существительное
soft fibers from fabrics such as wool or cotton that accumulate in small light clumps.
he brushed his sleeve to remove the fluff
entertainment or writing perceived as trivial or superficial.
the movie is a piece of typical Hollywood fluff
a mistake made in speaking or playing music, or by an actor in delivering lines.
Not assisting the actors is the unwieldy dialogue, which caused an unusual amount of line fluffs on opening night.
make (something) appear fuller and softer, typically by shaking or brushing it.
I fluffed up the pillows
fail to perform or accomplish (something) successfully or well (used especially in a sporting or acting context).
the extra fluffed his only line
It reminded her of cotton, loads of little balls of cotton and fluff , fragile, whisked into the air by a fan that had been left on overnight.
They might fluff their lines a lot, the costumes might look as if they've seen better days, and the plot might be as loose as the screws in their heads, but this is family entertainment at its best.
I close my eyes and remember how a chocolate collapses in the cavey roof of my mouth as my tongue nudges it and air escapes and caramel or champagne liquid or pink fluff seeps out.
But he's a clever Baz, and before too long he understood why we were putting the cover around the cotton fluff .
Well, hang on to the remote because there are a couple of good programmes on and they're not the usual light fluff either.
Some had sumptuous, lush growths while others, despite great care and attention, managed nothing more than a light fluff .
These products may also contain rayon and wood fluff , which is chemically derived from tree pulp and then bleached.
Kel and Mithendil stood silently for a moment, watching the bobbing fluff of red hair disappear behind a building.
Fly fishing is more normally associated with the pursuit of salmon and trout but a number of species will show an interest in a large collection of fluff and feathers aimed at imitating a prey fish.
Eventually their fluff changed to feathers and they were large enough to move into the coop.