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flowery / цветистый, витиеватый, изобилующий цветами
имя прилагательное
flowery, flamboyant, florid, exuberant, gaudy, colorific
ornate, florid, flowery, gorgeous, gaudy
изобилующий цветами
имя прилагательное
full of, resembling, or smelling of flowers.
a flowery meadow
Initially, there was a much longer post here, full of no doubt very embarrassing similes and attempts at flowery poetic language.
Such writings could be in flowery language indeed, as in this excerpt from one spirit writing in my collection.
He would have ridden into the fort with every hair in place, given a long flowery speech, and went off somewhere without so much as wrinkling his robes.
No doubt, he was going to end his speech with a flowery , cliché phrase like ‘children are the future.’
My hall bathroom is covered in a festively flowery wallpaper.
All the walls had a flowery pattern for wallpaper.
Although it was slightly scratched it appeared to be the same flowery writing as Mrs. Hornbeam's.
Her drawings suggest an idyllic world, where quaintly dressed children play amid flowery meadows and trim gardens.
Mireeve was growing tired of the flowery speech.
Actually I never really did panic very much - it was just a bit of flowery writing.