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flowerpot / цветочный горшок
имя существительное
цветочный горшок
flowerpot, pot
имя существительное
a small container, typically with sloping sides and made from plastic or earthenware, used for growing a plant in.
There were flowerpots with plastic plants and the room was painted a happy green and there was a large green frame that contained Viviane's picture with one of her friends.
Instead of using a flowerpot , place your candy tree on top of a cake stand tied with a colorful red ribbon for an extra-special presentation.
Fill any clean shallow container, such as a flowerpot base, or terra cotta pot, with plain tap water.
I do this by standing the hanging basket on a large flowerpot for a week to 10 days before hanging.
When Woodward wanted a meeting, he would position an empty flowerpot containing a red flag on his apartment balcony.
A round cactus plant in a flowerpot and a photograph of Mukundan and Nalini taken on a drama set stood on a table.
Will an apple seed planted into a flowerpot grow into an apple tree or a flower?
I've brought in lots of flowerpots filled with plants to add color to the yard.
Fill nine small containers, such as flowerpots or tea cups, with presoaked floral loam.
Prepare a couple of flowerpots by inserting a plastic cup or other waterproof vessel filled with soaked green floral foam.
Tall plants and flowerpots were spreading the aroma of greenery.