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flounder / камбала, мелкая камбала
имя существительное
flounder, flatfish, plaice, sole, fluke, brill
мелкая камбала
flounder, wallow, dabble, puddle, welter, puddle about
flounder, mat, be beaten up
имя существительное
a small flatfish that typically occurs in shallow coastal water.
The study was spurred by previous observations of feminization in estuarine fish, particularly the flounder , a common flatfish, Matthiessen said.
struggle or stagger helplessly or clumsily in water or mud.
he was floundering about in the shallow offshore waters
Not certain how to get past the human barricade, it scampered about for 10 minutes, before fleeing in the distinctive shape of a flounder .
They show considerable sequence homology to pleurocidins, antimicrobial peptides of the flounder , Pseudopleuronectes americanus.
Among the aquaculture species, microsatellite maps have been published on rainbow trout, catfish, tilapia, and Japanese flounder , but not on Atlantic salmon.
A swarm of seagulls circle aloft, darting down in random attempts to steal a flounder .
I'm a grilled flounder / white wine sort of girl.
Not a man will boast that he himself has pulled in even a flounder , but they are certain their brothers, on more fortunate boats, have prospered from great catches.
Kris laughed and watched her flounder around a bit, and scream and giggle.
The others watched him kick and flounder as he struggled up, then saw his feet disappear.
Leo led her inside the building, which had a huge flounder painted on it.
It looked like a flounder , although I couldn't be sure, and it was mounted on a panel, in a trophy-like manner.