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flounce / метаться, резко двигаться, бросаться
thrash about, flounce, flounce about, flounce away, flounce down, flounce out
резко двигаться
flounce, flounce about, flounce away, flounce down, flounce out, flounce up
rush, fling, swoop, plunge, dash, flounce
имя существительное
frill, flounce, furbelow
резкое нетерпеливое движение
резкое движение
flick, jerk, flounce, fling, hoick, bob
имя существительное
an exaggerated action, typically intended to express one's annoyance or impatience.
she left the room with a flounce
a wide ornamental strip of material gathered and sewn to a piece of fabric, typically on a skirt or dress; a frill.
Miss Howitt's dress was in the height of fashion; blue silk spencer over a white round dress with several flounces at the hem, complemented by a yellow paisley shawl draped over her shoulders.
go or move in an exaggeratedly impatient or angry manner.
he stood up in a fury and flounced out
trimmed with a flounce or flounces.
a flounced skirt
I get freezing cold, sit beside the fire then flounce up to my room.
Tia watched the younger twin flounce out of the room as the older one came in.
Adrian nodded and watched her friend swiftly flounce out of the room.
I didn't know what last time was, but it had to have been bad because Kara's face colored and she seemed at a loss for words, picking to flounce off in a fury instead.
Ash looks at me, a hint of concern on his face while I choke on cookie and watch Elly stand up and flounce dramatically from the room.
she left the room with a flounce
she left the room with a flounce
They watched her flounce back into the Ballroom, her dress's skirt swishing around her hips.
Seryna's distaste, while initially borne from Visbec's flounce and flirtatious mannerisms, had grown with an infatuation for Naoise.
The bell rings and she grabs her bag and flounces out, disregarding Miss.