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flotation / флотация, плавучесть, основание предприятия
имя существительное
flotation, floatation
buoyancy, flotation, floatage, floatation, flotage
основание предприятия
floatation, flotation
имя существительное
the action of floating in a liquid or gas.
the body form is modified to assist in flotation and propulsion
With a plastic flotation collar to keep the brine off one's face, one lies like a plank on the surface of the water, staring at the ceiling and thinking great thoughts.
You can pick out details now; the bright red flotation vests, the faces under the broad sunhats, the stickers that say ‘Cruiser’.
It recently appointed advisers to oversee a £1bn flotation .
Swimming costumes could be made of fabrics that meet criteria for permeability and flotation and shapes that do not alter the natural function of the body.
Some of the most common separation techniques are leaching, flotation , filtration, chromatography, and centrifugal force.
Polymeric foams have been used for such things as building insulation, flotation devices and furniture cushions.
the body form is modified to assist in flotation
Minimize tire track effects by creating a firm seedbed, avoid operation when soil is too wet and use tractor tire or track configurations that allow low pressure, high flotation .
First there's a downturn in the market which makes flotation a pipe dream, then there's overstuffed and time-consuming portfolios as well as the demands of growing businesses in turbulent times.
This is still a difficult market and it is obvious that the climate is different to the last flotation .