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floss / зубочистка, ручей, шелк-сырец
имя существительное
toothpick, floss, quill
stream, creek, brook, rivulet, groove, floss
raw silk, floss, filoselle
имя существительное
the rough silk enveloping a silkworm's cocoon.
Since mankind discovered the wonder of the silkworm's floss , it has been used for the costliest of garments.
clean between (one's teeth) with dental floss.
I flossed my teeth
I don't wash my hands eighty-three times a day, brush my teeth for thirty-two minutes or floss with old fishingline if no string is available.
Jim turned on the tap and leaned forward, wrapping floss around two fingers while Simon washed his hands in the sink beside him.
At the beginning, the silkworm spins the outer covering, the floss of the cocoon.
The dress itself was a beautiful creation, black and pink, latest fashion, covered in embroidery floss , beads and other items that came straight out of a friendship bracelet kit at the mannequin's feet.
She was putting the kids to bed and I was in the bathroom looking for some floss .
If you floss your teeth, you may continue to do so.
Details are embroidered using various colours of embroidery floss .
Try a flossing ribbon or tape coated with natural waxes like jojoba, beeswax or carnuba to help floss glide between teeth without harming gums.
Unloop the button and use matching floss or thread to wrap around the braid at the mark.
You have a hoop, needle, iron-on transfers and skeins of embroidery floss .