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florist / флорист, цветовод, торговец цветами
имя существительное
торговец цветами
имя существительное
a person who sells and arranges plants and cut flowers.
We enjoy selling to florists because florists love flowers as much as we do.
When he got back into town he would stop at the first florist and pick up flowers.
If you don't have many flowers in your garden, use ones from a florist 's shop or market.
She had returned to live with her mother and had got a job as a florist in Leeds Market.
A couple of years ago I walked past a florist selling bunches of native bluebells.
I chose a cushion of yellow flowers from the florist 's rather morbid catalogue, and wrote a card for it.
He made a stop in Town at a florist and sent flowers and cards to Lady Benthorne, Lady Vannington, and Miss Howitt.
Over the decades, when the Clifford Street florist provided flowers for a wedding, they asked for a photo of the big day to go on display in the shop.
The couple, who are retired florists and market gardeners, use the greenhouse to grow plants for an annual garden party to raise money for a donkey sanctuary in Devon.
It's just in my blood now and floristry took me travelling around the world in the end.
But where else can you find art galleries, wonderful clothes, antiques, home design, exquisite floristry and all with free parking?