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florin / флорин
имя существительное
имя существительное
a former British coin and monetary unit worth two shillings.
Material possessions and the means of measuring them by reference to groats, shillings or florins were forbidden in the Holy Parish.
a foreign coin of gold or silver, especially a Dutch guilder.
Vallo believes these people, led by El Libre, will easily pay 50,000 gold florins for the huge stash of weapons.
the basic monetary unit of Aruba, equal to 100 cents.
Though the dollar dropped against the florin in our three-year window, it fell by just two cents, from 1.79 to 1.77.
Your zarpe to wherever will cost you 25 florin .
The record price of €127,000 was paid for an Anglo-Irish 1642 gold coin at Whyte's in 2000 and in the same year a 1943 florin , the two shilling piece, fetched €20,000.
Other valuable coins include a 1943 florin worth a four-figure sum and a 1938 Irish penny which is extremely rare because only one has been found to date.
There was also a florin , but the date cannot be discerned.
The currency is the Netherlands Antilles florin or ‘guilder ‘, with an exchange rate fixed to the US dollar: Naf1.75 = US $1.’
Because of the high volumes of change that passed through my hands, every few days I'd find an old silver shilling, or a two shilling florin .
The days of fooling around with a rocket leaf or a piece of ‘exquisite’ meat the size of a florin , are gone.
But maybe we can understand Bloom's florin as a fictional revenant if not an historical precedent.
Europe's policy-makers went through virtually every monetary name in the continent's history, with early favourites such as the florin and the schilling failing to make the cut.
If you managed to root out a florin or find some letters written by your great-grandparents during the euro changeover clearout, then you might be holding onto something more valuable than sentiment.