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florid / витиеватый, цветистый, румяный
имя прилагательное
ornate, florid, flowery, gorgeous, gaudy
flowery, flamboyant, florid, exuberant, gaudy, colorific
rosy, ruddy, blushing, red, rubicund, florid
имя прилагательное
having a red or flushed complexion.
a stout man with a florid face
elaborately or excessively intricate or complicated.
florid operatic-style music was out
(of a disease or its manifestations) occurring in a fully developed form.
florid symptoms of psychiatric disorder
The report's recommendations were striking, however, not for their expansive ambition or their florid language but for the speed with which they became reality.
In an age when the life of the spirit is besieged by the excesses of a florid globalism, claimants to sole proprietorship of truth have never been more numerous.
I wonder if readers take these cliches and contrived metaphors at face value, or do they all snigger at the florid prose.
All these things cohere because of the surrealism and typical Spanish violence of the juxtapositions, the balance between flat prose and highly florid colouration.
The baroque style with its florid language and stock allegories lasted longer in Ukraine than in Western Europe.
Her gestures, however, can seem too mannered, even by the florid standards of Baroque song recitals.
He was a rotund, florid , bad-tempered, red-haired man who would shout orders.
Reynolds painted his florid , bald, ruddy countenance many times, and for decades less distinguished portraits swung outside countless taverns.
In her first letter written in Huntsville, on Christmas Eve 1817, she described in florid prose her arrival that day.
In the absence of florid imagery and beautifully-crafted prose, all I can tell you is that the new album is ace.