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floral / цветочный, растительный, цветковый
имя прилагательное
vegetable, floral, vegetative, vegetal, green
имя прилагательное
of flowers.
celebrations of the season's floral abundance
имя существительное
a fabric with a floral design.
Classic ticking stripes, florals , and plaids - all linen - revitalize the old spool beds without making them look new.
Together with floral patterns, stripes and dots, Sino gives a combination design of abstract and direct observation.
Traditional lamps lined the corridors and every department's entrance was decorated with floral designs.
The walls were painted a beige tone with blue floral wallpaper decorating the top quarter.
After the minute's silence, passengers moved to inspect the books of condolence which were placed on a table decorated with a floral arrangement of white roses, daisies and lilies.
She walked like a zombie inside the house, up a set of stairs and into a small bedroom decorated with blue floral wallpaper and a bedspread to match.
An eye-catching floral tribute to England rugby star Jonny Wilkinson helped Doncaster to shine in this year's Yorkshire in Bloom competition.
But at the end of the day, I laid my head on the tacky floral pattern of the motel pillow, and I missed Callum's silly babbling and baby cuddles.
British Sea Power have made the first of two floral tributes with a performance at the Chelsea Flower Show and a nice line in wild flowers soon to follow.
Veronica Troy, of Bonnie's Bouquets, Lismore, will give a Christmas floral demonstration in the community centre.
One is decorated in floral wallpaper and has an apple green picture rail while the second has large built-in floor to ceiling mirrored wardrobes.