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floppy / дискета
имя существительное
diskette, floppy disk, floppy
имя прилагательное
suspended, dangling, pendent, floppy, pending, pendulous
loose, floppy
passive, dormant, quiescent, effortless, floppy, tame
имя прилагательное
tending to hang or move in a limp, loose, or ungainly way.
the dog had floppy ears
It turned out I was wrong - it was just yet another lanky type dressed incongruously in white shirt, blazer and jeans, and sporting that trademark upper-class floppy hair.
The floppy hair he had then has been shaved to a crew cut, which, along with his jeans and T-shirt, gives him a tough appearance that belies his warm - if slightly neurotic - personality.
One floppy is created for a master node.
I miss black turtle necks, floppy fringes, Talking Heads and two-party politics.
Turns out they had given him the program on 5.25 floppy , and he had carefully trimmed the disks down to fit.
Somehow I ended up in a brown sack with a floppy felt hat with a flower dangling off it.
He is described as white, about 5ft 9in tall, in his early twenties, of stocky build, wearing a shirt with dark trousers and possibly a floppy hat.
And when I looked down at Luna, she looked up at me with her eyes sparkling because of the sun, her floppy ears dangling.
Childhood memories of mother are of her slumped on her canvas stool, painting, her face level with mine, porcelain skin shadowed by a floppy hat trailing grubby pink scarves.
The floppy hat began life in 1982 as a standard white Gloucestershire sun hat.