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flophouse / ночлежка
имя существительное
flophouse, flop, spike, kip, doss-house, cheap-john
имя существительное
a cheap hotel or rooming house.
As his second decade wore on, he wandered round the country staying in flophouses , rooming houses and cheap hotels - drunk, obviously, most of the time throughout the Forties, and excused by a psychiatrist from wartime military service.
The very first scene is one of death - a neighbor lady has died, and Turtle, after some skirmishes with local boys, claims her house and uses it as a bordello / flophouse .
Three months ago, he was hired on at a small Pan-Asian restaurant next to the old flophouse Madison Hotel.
Her Maria is moody, yet restrained, whether enduring a tense interrogation by U.S. customs officials, or imprisonment in a New Jersey flophouse with bored thugs waiting to collect the excreted pellets.
On December 2, 1913 twenty-seven lives were lost when a South End flophouse , the Hotel Acadia, burned to the ground.
Against her better judgment, Aunt Martha agrees to provide free room and board in return for help with the housekeeping in her glorified skid-row flophouse .
That first winter, I kept my little $85-a-month flophouse room in town.
With deadpan humor, she shot Sunshine Hotel in a flophouse , its name proclaimed by besmeared ceramic tiles mounted on a scarred red wall.
As for the state-run addict hotels, they quickly became as rife with filth and violence as any Vancouver flophouse .
In 1986, for instance, the place rolled and tumbled in the enormous sunken pit left by a fatal San Francisco arson fire eleven years earlier that had burned a flophouse to the ground.
Little do they know, but those reprehensible little globes of gluttony are now living in the basement of Annie and Johnny's flophouse .