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floozy / шлюха, бабенка
имя существительное
whore, slut, hooker, harlot, prostitute, floozy
skirt, jane, floozie, bird, floozy, floosy
имя существительное
a girl or a woman who has a reputation for promiscuity.
This at first appears to be a forgotten reference to the round-heeled shoes worn by floozies in some historical period though, in fact having round heels just means she's more likely to fall over on her back: to be, literally, a pushover.
If the large-breasted floozy in her designer duct-tape bustier can get attention, then why can't I?
Even the local floozy Suzy looks like she smells of unshaved armpits, onions, and gin soaked halitosis.
Receiving an anonymous tip that her husband is fooling around with a floozy named Bridget the woman goes stomping out into the terrified city, bent on revenge.
The blinding sheet rains back down upon us, laden with soggy trash tossed out by the infidel at the helm and the flame-haired floozy in the Band-Aid bikini sitting next to him.
After 16 years, Hayes says she is still an ‘insatiable plant lover: I think of myself as a flower floozy .’
Radical feminists were in a frenzy that the judge had decided to allow DNA evidence which painted his accuser as a floozy .
I stood and approached the table, braced to counteract the floozy 's attempt at lyrical, banana-rich muffin eroticism with my own rational, short-lined, logical narration.
Starring Linda Griffiths as Ripples, a boozing floozy with a weak spot for a pimp who throws her out, The Blues is darkly comical as it plays out the desperation and dreams of four characters in a dingy New York bar.
She made her screen debut in 1990 as Verna, a two-bit floozy in the Coen Brothers' Prohibition gangster saga Miller's Crossing.
Equally outstanding is Miranda Richardson, who plays both Spider's mother and the floozy his dad brings home from the pub.