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floorboard / половица
имя существительное
имя существительное
a long plank making up part of a wooden floor in a building.
The second double bedroom has polished wooden floorboards , a picture window and built-in wardrobes.
Still, happy and optimistic, they poured a ceremonial splash of rum on the car's floorboard for good fortune, and lurched away.
For the most part, it's three-plus hours trying to mash the accelerator pedal through the floorboard .
I turned the car off and looked at the floorboard , ashamed.
the keys had fallen on the floorboard of her car
I lifted the loose floorboard and took out a small white pebble.
He reached back into the car and pulled his bag off the floorboard .
A floorboard creaked and she turned over to see what had made the noise.
As I started to creep away, a floorboard squeaked.
Without warning, I lost the grip on the metal bar in front of me that was affixed down onto the floorboard of the car.
Bryan opened the car door and stood one foot on the floorboard ; all the better to get away from this situation if he could.