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floodlight / прожектор
имя существительное
searchlight, spotlight, floodlight, projector
освещать прожектором
spotlight, floodlight
имя существительное
a large, powerful light, typically one of several used to illuminate a sports field, a stage, or the exterior of a building.
The rest of the venue will be lit with powerful floodlights .
illuminate (a building or outdoor area) with floodlights.
floodlit football fields
It seems no time since we were cursing the never-ending long, dark, cold winter evenings spent working in the garden either by floodlight or, if it was wet, in the shed building cold frames.
a tennis court where you can play by floodlight
a tennis court where you can play by floodlight
The matches will be played in floodlight over the weekends so that the corporates can relax and enjoy the game.
She said the work to repair the damage to the stopcock went on under floodlight until after midnight.
Instead of the eternally fuelled floodlight they'd once been, this light was like the tip of a flame, a prick of daylight in the darkness of ones soul.
So the MoD gave special permission for a concrete area at the back of Roman Barracks to be lit up with floodlights and used as an emergency landing strip.
When I inquired about her night lighting, she said that her neighbors had floodlights flashing throughout the night for security purposes.
A new sixth form block is due to be completed ready for next term and work on a new sports hall and floodlit artificial pitch backed by National Lottery funding is due to begin shortly.
One thing still amazes me: at the end of the day the site was floodlit , and the crews were on the job.