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Транскрипция и произношение слова "flog" в британском и американском вариантах. Подробный перевод и примеры.

flog / пороть, сечь, бить
flog, thrash, trounce, flagellate, lather, lace
flog, whip, shred
beat, hit, strike, pound, smash, flog
lash, quilt, flog, stitch, lace, tuft
tear, flog
beat (someone) with a whip or stick as punishment or torture.
the stolen horses will be returned and the thieves flogged
sell or offer for sale.
he made a fortune flogging beads to hippies
If you could just flog us lightly, we'd be ever in your debt.
Fantastically beautiful place, once you plough through the hawkers outside desperately trying to flog you the little red book (which is, obviously, both red and little).
There is an advertisement for some new generation of anti-bacterial surface cleaner running on television that shamelessly exploits every maternal insecurity to flog us turbo-charged soap.
Last year retailer Argos hit the headlines when it tried to flog Sony TVs for just £3.
They should flog him and flay him if they so desire.
Unfreid didn't want the boys expelled, so instead he called them and their teacher down to the school basement, took off his belt and had the teacher flog him until the boys admitted they were wrong.
About 300 shops sell used wares, and heck, even the airport and post office flog the goods.
Then someone doing a dull and witless job in Ireland rings and tries to flog me a new credit card.
The next phase of book marketing is online promotion, where authors can flog their books year round on their websites, before they're even released.
But my point is, how many tickets do you need to flog to sell out a rugby ground - 10-15,000?