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floaty / легкий, плавучий
имя прилагательное
easy, light, lightweight, slight, mild, floaty
floating, buoyant, floaty, floatable, natant
имя прилагательное
(especially of a woman's garment or a fabric) light and flimsy.
elegant floaty dresses
Her ‘Vision of Eden’ collection featured plenty of her trademark beading with delicate, floaty dresses dripping with crystals and feathers.
Skin was definitely in, with most of the collection consisting of shorts just skimming the bottom under crop tops or transparent floor-length floaty coats.
The entire show was a small preview of what will come next month; a selection Huang promises will include more airy pants, floaty dresses and tailored jackets using the HP Designjet printer.
Look for green and peach in denim or cord with chevron stripes and floaty dresses.
Blonde, petite and attractive, Thompson had ditched her usual blue or black power-suit in favour of a pink jacket with matching high heels and a black floaty skirt.
A wide variety was on show with items such as long colourful floaty dresses and tops, tailored coats, funky knitwear and distressed jackets - all of which I have no doubt will be best sellers.
So look, I think black at a wedding is OK, but a floaty floral dress with strappy shoes, a wide-brimmed beribboned hat and a small fluffy rabbit is better.
Green and gold made a striking and summery combination, as demonstrated by Jennifer, in her floaty dress by Montage, which she wore with hat and bag from Tiffany and shoes from Shush.
For designers, lightness is all important with floaty fabrics.
Do you want it to smarten up your jeans, go over floaty dresses, or be worn with tailoring?