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floatplane / поплавковый гидросамолет
имя существительное
поплавковый гидросамолет
имя существительное
an aircraft equipped with floats for landing on water; a seaplane.
After some thought, the Navy gave up the idea of retractable gear and instead specified that the aircraft would be floatplanes but could be converted to land gear in a short period of time.
Suddenly, with a roar of seemingly new-found energy, the floatplane pulled free from the water and climbed rapidly.
His expertise has given the Centaur four exceptional advantages over conventional seaplanes and launches the floatplane into the 21st Century.
When Alan Cobham delivered a Moth floatplane in the US, an agreement for production in America was reached.
Skim a floatplane along the mirrored surface of a secluded mountain lake.
In 1994 Day began offering bear-viewing day trips using a chartered floatplane .
I noticed the photograph of the Fleet floatplane on page 62 of the November 2004 issue.
Earlier this month, Luna surfaced in the path of an oncoming floatplane .
Whether it's a floatplane running into the docks or simply keeping everyone happy, there's never a dull moment.
After flying to the edge of the world, the floatplane touched down gently on a still mountain lake on the eastern boundary of Alaska's 700,000-acre Copper River Delta.
A floatplane will take you from South America's second-largest lake, Lago General Carrera, and deposit you for ten days of sea kayaking on a remote chain of five aqua-blue lakes surrounded by towering peaks in central Patagonia.