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floating / плавание, флоутинг, неоднородность окраски
имя существительное
swimming, navigation, voyage, swim, sailing, floating
неоднородность окраски
сглаживание мастерком
плавающая конструкция
имя прилагательное
floating, float, swimming, amphibious, natatorial, natatory
floating, buoyant, floaty, floatable, natant
volatile, changeable, variable, mutable, checkered, floating
wandering, errant, floating, straying, migratory, erratic
имя прилагательное
buoyant or suspended in water or air.
a massive floating platform
not settled in a definite place; fluctuating or variable.
the floating population that is migrating to the cities
rest or move on or near the surface of a liquid without sinking.
she relaxed, floating gently in the water
move or hover slowly and lightly in a liquid or the air; drift.
clouds floated across a brilliant blue sky
put forward (an idea) as a suggestion or test of reactions.
A similar idea was floated in March this year by Southampton Test MP Alan Whitehead following an energy summit held in the city last year.
(of a currency) fluctuate freely in value in accordance with supply and demand in the financial markets.
a policy of letting the pound float
Numbers hit by global warming and loss of nest sites; floating water plantain is increasingly under threat from the re-opening of canals to heavy traffic.
Mr Leese said the area had a large floating population which had the potential of masking the activities of anyone who wanted to remain unnoticed.
He is now leading a Ford Foundation-sponsored project on education of the floating population which kicked off earlier this year.
Experts said that with social development, the floating population has increased, placing a lot of pressure on the social order.
Some analysts said the reason for the sharp rise in robberies was due to an increase in the floating populations of some large cities and more illegal drug use.
The Spring Festival is the biggest festival for family reunions, drawing many of the floating population and workers to their homes in other provinces.
An open-air debate with Solomon Pappiya as the moderator, near bus stands and public places in rural areas, is meant to target the floating population.
Aquatics with floating leaves, water lilies included, also need yearly attention.
She tossed a floating toy into the water for her dog to fetch over and over.
While surfing the Internet to check on the floating population, police found that Li was renting a house in the district.