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floater / сезонный рабочий, ошибка, ложный шаг
имя существительное
сезонный рабочий
error, mistake, fault, flaw, fallacy, floater
ложный шаг
false step, gaffe, faux pas, misstep, trip, floater
имя существительное
a person or thing that floats, in particular.
There were blue and brown butterflies wider than my hands side-by-side, black butterflies with dazzling yellow stripes, magnificent azure and green-winged floaters gliding on the humid air.
an insurance policy covering loss of articles without specifying a location.
If you own luxury items, you'll probably need additional insurance - known as a rider or floater - to cover them.
The floater was a morphing shade that caught the prevailing winds within her eye and billowed like an escaped handkerchief.
The roads are magnetic as well and the floater rides on the opposing magnetic fields.
I'm more of a flinger than a floater , so my teacher catches my hips, then he stands there and counts slowly to twelve while subtly, telepathically adjusting my posture and watching for signs of collapse.
However, we have no reliable estimates of floater population size.
A floater took up residency in Helen's eye- this was her fate, at fifty-five.
He produced a set of keys attached to a large red floater then placed a cordless phone on the counter.
She wished she could turn back the clock, relive the day before the floater 's advent just one last day unclouded by this random smear, the world still crystalline in both eyes.
A floater was present in each classroom during the administration of the questionnaires to answer individual questions.
It's distracting (and made even worse by the fact that I've had a big gray floater in my right eye since 1998).
In contrast, this is brain-dead pap that will be forgotten in a week, another floater in the sewer of empty rhetoric.