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float / плавать, всплывать, плавать на поверхности
swim, float, sail, voyage, run
float, emerge, surface, arise, bob up
плавать на поверхности
имя существительное
float, bobber, cork, bob, swimmer
grater, float, rasp
raft, float
имя прилагательное
floating, float, swimming, amphibious, natatorial, natatory
имя существительное
a thing that is buoyant in water, in particular.
a platform mounted on a truck and carrying a display in a parade.
a carnival float
a hand tool with a rectangular blade used for smoothing plaster or concrete.
I climbed the ladder with my float , trowel and plaster and reached upwards towards the missing section of my ceiling.
a soft drink with a scoop of ice cream floating in it.
root-beer floats
(in critical path analysis) the period of time by which the duration of an activity may be extended without affecting the overall time for the process.
As long as a task does not slip past the amount of float time, it will not affect the overall process or project time.
rest or move on or near the surface of a liquid without sinking.
she relaxed, floating gently in the water
move or hover slowly and lightly in a liquid or the air; drift.
clouds floated across a brilliant blue sky
put forward (an idea) as a suggestion or test of reactions.
A similar idea was floated in March this year by Southampton Test MP Alan Whitehead following an energy summit held in the city last year.
(of a currency) fluctuate freely in value in accordance with supply and demand in the financial markets.
a policy of letting the pound float
I then noticed that I was getting very shy bites that were barely moving the float .
Congressional leaders want China to float its currency on the open market to help adjust what they consider artificially low prices for Chinese goods.
a policy of letting the pound float
There are many prizes on offer including best float, best commercial float, best band and best original float .
An initially more painful, but eventually more efficient mechanism for dealing with economic shock and inflation is to float a currency if it is pegged.
But this is a free trade position, to say that currencies should float .
The instability of the rupee and the decision to float the currency highlight the country's underlying economic and political crisis.
I described the symptoms, and Arv said it could possibly be a blocked exhaust stock or a stuck carburetor float .
The float of the Portuguese Man of War jellyfish acts as a sail which helps it move or swim in water.
Organiser Jane Flood said everyone had helped in making the costumes and decorating the float .