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flit / порхать, перелетать, переселяться
flit, flitter, play
flit, overfly
move, resettle, migrate, emigrate, transmigrate, flit
имя существительное
перемена местожительства
move swiftly and lightly.
small birds flitted about in the branches
имя существительное
an act of leaving one's home or moving, typically secretly so as to escape creditors or obligations.
moonlight flits from one insalubrious dwelling to another
Crowds have swelled to capacity, increasing pressure for the club to move to a 55,000-ground at the waterfront, a flit which remains uncertain for financial reasons.
She screamed so hard we did a midnight flit to the doctor one night.
He made a moonlight flit from a rented flat in Plymouth Road, Thurrock, after racking up over a £1, 000 worth of unpaid rent.
One such scenario would be if one of their wee league concepts like a European or Atlantic set-up came off, although their preferred option of a flit to England looks like a non-starter.
Rare marbled white butterflies flit along the overgrown route of the old track, and among the nettles and the briars there may be pyramidal and spotted orchids and unusual exotic species carried there years ago by the train.
Sleeping through the night was inconceivable, too, as official visits outside the working day, very early in the morning or long after work, were the most productive in an industry well acquainted with the overnight flit .
One option is a move to the former Drybrough brewery site in Craigmillar, though Dalrymple says such a flit would depend on improved transport links, including a railway station or tram stop.
Then they did a flit , leaving a whole pile of rent and bills unpaid.
Letters should be sent to Sam who has just returned after the firm he was closing for did a moonlight flit .
He was a toddler when his family pioneered the big flit from central Glasgow into Castlemilk.