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flirtation / флирт, ухаживание
имя существительное
flirtation, dalliance, footsie, beguin
courtship, attentions, flirtation, wooing, court, suit
имя существительное
behavior that demonstrates a playful sexual attraction to someone.
Fabia was in no mood for his lighthearted flirtation
The gesture was playful enough to be part of the throw-away flirtation that was Jerry's stock and trade.
The novel is Barnes's first foray into the genre after a long flirtation with flash fiction and the longer short story.
Barring that brief flirtation with laxness during the second half, Hibs were efficiency personified.
Even the most prudent club in the division, found the European experience far from rewarding, as bonus payments to players cost more than was recouped from their brief flirtation with the cup.
He turned out to be a film producer in town to promote his new movie and we had the most wonderful conversation about its prospects and the ups and downs of the creative life. Had I been younger, flirtation might have been on the menu.
My only flirtation with blonde has been a sprinkling of highlights, unless you count a one night stand with a mane of white curls which purported to be a Charlie's Angels wig but looked more like one of Dolly Parton's rejects.
Some of us have become so worried about causing offence or sending the wrong signals that we are in danger of losing our natural talent for playful, harmless flirtation .
Eventually, Paul and the nanny begin a flirtation that evolves into an affair.
Delphine has been married, has been through the mill of coy flirtation and courtship, spectacular marriage, adultery, and now is really keen on seeing to it that others learn from her experiences.
But her flirtation with hats was far from over and several years later a friend introduced her to the then Laura Ashley hat designer Jane Smith, who taught her how to make feather head pieces.