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flipping / чертов
имя прилагательное
fucking, frigging, infernal, flipping, doggone, doggoned
имя прилагательное
used for emphasis or to express mild annoyance.
are you out of your flipping mind?
turn over or cause to turn over with a sudden sharp movement.
the yacht was flipped by a huge wave
move, push, or throw (something) with a sudden sharp movement.
she flipped off her dark glasses
suddenly lose control or become very angry.
he had clearly flipped under the pressure
buy and sell (something, especially real estate or shares) quickly to make a profit.
within one week of starting I flipped a property for a quick $3,000 profit
become an informer.
when he was taken in by the investigators, he flipped immediately
I was jigging about on the cobble stone path, partly because I was excited at seeing my new house for the first time, but mainly because it was mid January and, quite frankly, flipping cold!
Wow, we almost passed out just then because of all the flipping excitement.
What the flipping heck had he been doing with his time, then?
He can keep this job; it's flipping exhausting.
By day Andy empties bins into a lorry, but by night he sings Whitney Houston songs like a flipping angel.
The scenery viewed from the mountain is fantastic and easily justified parting with sixteen pounds to get up there, it was however flipping freezing!
About 7 o'clock tonight, we had a whopping great thunderstorm with accompanying light show, and the flipping garage got flooded again!
Well, he had a flipping cuckoo clock of all things.
For the benefit of anyone reading this who is not from Yorkshire, we had some unexpected snow on Thursday and it's flipping freezing outside.
Neither of us could remember the flipping lines so for most of the film we were just looking at each other in total panic and terror going, ‘Is it you or me?’