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flipper / флиппер, плавник, ласт
имя существительное
fin, flipper, drift-wood, paddle
flipper, fin, last, flapper, paddle
имя существительное
a broad flat limb without fingers, used for swimming by various sea animals such as seals, whales, and turtles.
Modern sirenians (manatees and dugongs) are large, docile, aquatic herbivores that have flippers for forelimbs and no hind limbs.
At 21 Shane Warne thought a flipper was pinball jargon.
Gaspard's also boasts an original pre-impressionist juke box, complete with scratchy Sartrean torch songs by Greco and Piaf, and a pinball machine whose left flipper has been bust since Stevenson's day.
Sure, people noticed the flipper attached to the prosthesis on his left leg.
Protruding into the flow as they do, they would appear to increase the drag of the flipper as the whale swings into a turn.
The in-game physics is good, and the ball responds well to a swift flick of the flipper , or you can trap it in the corner (a trick favoured by pinball wizards from Soho to Brighton).
This is demonstrated by Thorpe and illustrated with the sensation a swimmer gets when swimming with flippers .
To our astonishment, not only did the seals' flippers glow, but so did the rest of their bodies.
We could loll in the sun in deck chairs, or grab snorkels and flippers for a swim, or board a semisubmersible ship for a tour of the reef in comfort.
Harbor seals have short front flippers with claws which are used to move on land.
A smiling attendant directed participants towards one of four control stations, from which each directed one of the four giant flippers in the huge pinball machine.