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flip-flop / шлепающие звуки, мультивибратор
имя существительное
шлепающие звуки
имя существительное
a light sandal, typically of plastic or rubber, with a thong between the big and second toe.
Since I don't recommend wearing leather, suede, or any kind of dressy shoe to the beach, plastic or rubber flip-flops are the perfect solution.
a backward handspring.
Equally renowned was her power on balance beam, where she tumbled a very high back layout to two feet, and dismounted with two flip-flops to a full-twisting double back.
an abrupt reversal of policy.
his flip-flop on taxes
a switching circuit that works by changing from one stable state to another, or through an unstable state back to its stable state, in response to a triggering pulse.
I built a flip-flop circuit, flipped the switch, watched the relay click on and remain on.
move with a flapping sound or motion.
she flip-flopped off the porch in battered sneakers
make an abrupt reversal of policy.
the candidate flip-flopped on a number of issues
John did this by waving a small quartz crystal pendulum over the resistor, which was either passing current, or not - depending on the position of a simple flip-flop relay inside the circuit box.
his flip-flop on taxes
Even more perplexing is his flip-flop on this issue.
On balance beam she fell on her flip-flop to tucked full, and crashed her whip-double pike on floor.
Just witness one former governor's flip-flop on the issue of driver's licenses for illegal aliens.
The team was forced to count two falls from Pavlova, who missed a Jaeger on uneven bars, and fell on a flip-flop , layout on balance beam.
I built a flip-flop circuit, flipped the switch, watched the relay click on and remain on.
Stop the flip-flop on Hydro and get serious about our electrical needs.
In one embodiment, the storage element is a data latch comprising a clock-enabled inverter serially coupled with a flip-flop .
In state 0, when the flip-flop receives an input pulse, it flips to state 1 but does nothing else.