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fling / бросать, швырять, бросаться
throw, cast, drop, quit, toss, fling
toss, throw, fling, hurl, slam, sling
rush, fling, swoop, plunge, dash, throw oneself
имя существительное
throw, cast, shot, dash, fling, shoot
throwing, cast, toss, casting, throw, fling
pelt, fling, sling
имя существительное
a short period of enjoyment or wild behavior.
one final fling before a tranquil retirement
throw or hurl forcefully.
he picked up the debris and flung it away
one final fling before a tranquil retirement
Again, we have a wild fling , in which the supplies of the last year are consumed.
I had a little quick one-night fling during our hiatus, and I have to admit that I enjoyed it.
If a long-lasting relationship develops out of the fling , so be it.
Or was it just one last fling before your wedding night?
On returning a drunken someone would make it back to the door, fling it open and stagger through it, forgetting to shut it at all.
The inspection fitters said there had been some talk of a get together among the workers - a final fling as a group of workers.
I'd hate this to be a one-night fling .
Azyra snapped out of her trance just in time she scrambled away from the light just before it silently detonated with enough force to fling her from the fire escape.
She would stop, peek in a door, and then either fling it wide open or close it and move on.