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flinch / вздрогнуть, дрогнуть, уклоняться
wince, flinch, start
falter, waver, flinch, quail, reel
dodge, skew, avoid, shrink, evade, flinch
back down, retreat, digress, depart, recede, flinch
вздрагивать от боли
имя существительное
evasion, avoidance, dodge, departure, elusion, flinch
wince, jerk, start, flinch, jump
make a quick, nervous movement of the face or body as an instinctive reaction to surprise, fear or pain.
she flinched at the acidity in his voice
имя существительное
an act of flinching.
“Don't call me that,” he said with a flinch
I rarely flinch from a fight when I'm sure of myself
Without a flinch or missing a beat, Erial continued waltzing around the floor as Artemisia sighed and walked over and picked up the book.
‘The people of Nangoma are behind me and I have every reason to be confident,’ he says without a flinch or shade of doubt.
He could see that he had made the chaperone flinch .
‘Don't call me that,’ he said with a flinch
I was watching her face as the needle made first contact and guess what… not a flinch , flutter or grit of the teeth.
He felt her hand clasp on top of his, but he didn't move his, not even a flinch as she touched.
Wits's haircut went by smoothly without a flinch or complaint though as Finn began to feel more at ease with the scissors she became more and more careless.
His ears flickered backwards, but only a flinch .
Preston soon realized this when she said nothing and didn't move, apart from the occasional flinch whenever she touched her bruise on her right arm.