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flimsy / неубедительный, неосновательный, хрупкий
имя прилагательное
unconvincing, inconclusive, flimsy, lame, weak, thin
flimsy, unfounded, groundless, insubstantial, idle
fragile, brittle, delicate, frail, breakable, flimsy
имя существительное
тонкая бумага
папиросная бумага
cigarette paper, tissue, flimsy, tissue-paper
тонкое женское белье
имя прилагательное
comparatively light and insubstantial; easily damaged.
voyagers who crossed the sea in flimsy boats
имя существительное
a document, especially a copy, made on very thin paper.
credit-card flimsies
He literally trembled with excitement as he slid his right foot into the flimsy garment and pulled it up to his thigh.
Whatever you do, there's no denying that dresses are great to take on holiday - a light, flimsy slip can be easily scrunched into the corner of your case, making it a sloppy packer's dream.
They could have easily slipped past the flimsy barricade of starguards but the monsters merely threw themselves at them, incinerating and ripping in a frenzy.
He believes the new-style permits issued by the council are too flimsy and not sticky enough.
She looks pretty in a flimsy nightgown of a dress.
Each song received great cheers - and a couple of pairs of flimsy underwear were thrown onstage before the night ended.
The handbrake looks very out of place and somewhat flimsy compared to the rest of the interior.
Their only real purpose is to provide a flimsy excuse to make a recommendation.
She is inside, her flimsy clothing soaked through.
Obviously this rather flimsy argument by elimination carries very little weight by itself.