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flight / рейс, полет, перелет
имя существительное
flight, voyage, cruise, trip, run, journey
flight, fly, voyage, run, hop, passing
flight, hop, migration, passage, voyage, over
имя прилагательное
совершать перелет
flight, migrate
имя существительное
the action or process of flying through the air.
an eagle in flight
a group of creatures or objects flying together, in particular.
We briefed for a two-ship formation flight in one of the local military operating areas.
the action of fleeing or attempting to escape.
refugees on the latest stage of their flight from turmoil
a series of steps between floors or levels.
she has to come up four flights of stairs to her apartment
an extravagant or far-fetched idea or account.
ignoring such ridiculous flights of fancy
shoot (wildfowl) in flight.
duck and geese flighting
(in soccer, cricket, etc.) deliver (a ball) with well-judged trajectory and pace.
he flighted a free kick into the box
refugees on the latest stage of their flight from turmoil
When we compare the present life of man on earth with that time of which we have no knowledge, it seems to me like the swift flight of a sparrow through the banqueting-hall where you are sitting at dinner on a winter's day.
Her timid reminders concerning the flight of time and consequent fines for lateness at work fell on deaf ears.
the golfer's swing is obviously critical to the ball's flight
But the riddle of what became of the prized bird during his epic flight is slowly being unravelled.
When the ball is in flight , he has a history of attacking it and making the big play.
I finally thought to get off on the fourth floor and descend a flight of stairs, only to find that a custodian had roped off that end of the third-floor hallway for mopping.
flight of capital
Eventually they were offered an alternative flight with another airline and their journey began on Monday.
Whatever the result, it will certainly help you feel relaxed and prepare you for your short flight home.