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flicker / мерцание, вспышка, дрожание
имя существительное
flicker, scintillation, flickering, blink, twinkling, shimmer
flash, outbreak, flare, outburst, burst, flicker
shake, flicker, vibration, flutter, tremble, thrill
flicker, glimmer, twinkle, shimmer, blink, gleam
blink, flicker, wink, twinkle, nictate, nictitate
tremble, shake, shiver, shudder, wobble, flicker
имя существительное
an unsteady movement of a flame or light that causes rapid variations in brightness.
the flicker of a candle flame caught our eyes
a tiny movement.
then a flicker of movement caught his eye
an American woodpecker that often feeds on ants on the ground.
Woodpeckers, flickers , chickadees and nuthatches are among the many species that benefit from it.
(of light or a source of light) shine unsteadily; vary rapidly in brightness.
the interior lights flickered and came on
make small, quick movements; flutter rapidly.
her eyelids flickered
There was a sudden flicker of light, so blindingly bright that Cinaed had to turn away and close his eyes tightly for a few moments, until it faded.
A flicker of movement, about a hundred yards from the gate suddenly drawing his attention.
They stayed late beside its glow, a flicker of light barely visible to us through the trees.
Her father gave her to Yuugi, who accepted her hand, but didn't show any flicker of emotion or anything else.
I saw no apparent bad pixels, interlace flicker , or LCD display streaking.
These are loop printing and flicker effects achieved through frenetic re-editing of the material.
A flicker of light shone through the crack between the door and the carpet.
When the flame calmed down to a gentle flicker , I carefully lit the cigarette, breathing in slowly.
He caught a flicker of movement off to his right and vaguely heard the soft sounds of a small stream.
The only flaws I could detect was, at one point in the middle, a scene had some flicker in contrast levels, but this went away never to return.