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flick / фильм, резкое движение, кинофильм
имя существительное
film, flick, pic, flicker
резкое движение
flick, jerk, flounce, fling, hoick, bob
film, movie, motion picture, cinema, picture show, flick
легкий удар
rap, tap, flick, flip, dab, spat
слегка ударить
слегка стегнуть
смахнуть легким ударом
сбрасывать легким ударом
смахнуть легким щелчком
имя существительное
a sudden sharp movement.
the flick of a switch
a motion picture.
a Hollywood action flick
propel (something) with a sudden sharp movement, especially of the fingers.
Emily flicked some ash off her sleeve
The man nodded, and when she turned, she heard the flick of the whip as the horse began to hurry away.
When he introduced Magico with a flick of the whip, the horse stood straight up on his hind legs and pawed the air, walking toward the spectators.
With a quick flick of her arm, she turned Juliette around.
he sent his cigarette spinning away with a flick of his fingers
I saw a flick of brown hair and a thin arm.
She made me watch some chick flick called Sweet Home Alabama.
Her words were like the lightest flick of a knife to Lupe, counterweighted by the sensation her smile sent through him.
The flick of a whip started the carriage rolling and bumping over the rough street.
the flick of a switch
A quick flick of a highly versatile head of hair, a simple body movement or a flick of his greatcoat and each female individual is clearly drawn.