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flexitime / свободный режим рабочего дня, скользящий график
имя существительное
свободный режим рабочего дня
flexitime, flextime
скользящий график
Unlike flexitime , staff do not have to work so many hours a day.
Flexible working hours can take the form of annualised hours, compressed hours, flexitime , home working or job sharing.
The meeting heard speeches about the attacks on the 35-hour week, flexitime , shift allowances and so on.
People call out ceaselessly for more nurses, more doctors, more maths teachers, more childcare, more flexitime , more money in retirement, more rights for the disabled, more money for the Third World and lots of new laws to provide them.
I work 30 hours' flexitime a week
we work flexitime
It has all the key features of a time and attendance system geared to accommodate flexitime and annualised hours solutions in an Irish employment situation.
This could include flexitime , home working, job sharing and staggered hours.
a 35-hour week with flexitime
Many companies allow their workers to work flexitime , and others allow their employees to work from home.