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flexion / сгибание, флексия, изгиб
имя существительное
bending, flexion, flexure, inflection, inflexion, flection
flexion, inflection, inflexion, flection, ending
bend, curve, curvature, bent, flexure, flexion
имя существительное
the action of bending or the condition of being bent, especially the bending of a limb or joint.
flexion of the fingers
With the participants in a supine position, we tested internal and external rotation, flexion , and extension of the hips.
The patient should be supine with some flexion of the dorsal spine to relax the tension of the anterior abdominal wall.
The wound was closed in layers, and a compressive dressing was applied with the ankle in slight plantar flexion .
However, the range of motion for cervical rotation and lateral flexion increased more in the training groups than in the control group.
With bleeding into the joint cavity, the joint is swollen and held in flexion , and its use is limited.
With the knee in 30 degrees of flexion , the collateral ligaments can be isolated.
flexion of the fingers
The most common mechanism of injury in ankle sprains is a combination of plantar flexion and inversion.
The elbow joint is very stable and is limited to flexion and extension.
Next, complete seven reps from that halfway point up to full flexion (joint closed).