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flex / сгибать, гнуть
bend, flex, fold, bow, buckle, curve
bend, flex, bow, curve, inflect, buckle
имя существительное
гибкий шнур
имя существительное
the action or state of flexing.
add rigidity and eliminate brake flex
bend (a limb or joint).
she saw him flex his ankle and wince
Sitting at one of the long plastic tables in the cafeteria, Chelsea Stanford takes the opportunity to flex her ankle a few times.
I noticed how his calf muscles would flex as he pedalled.
Any roofless car will flex in the bends and on oddly-cambered roads, and the 307 CC is no exception.
It's also extremely supple and fast, boasting lots of flex and weighing just 10.2 ounces.
The design adds tremendous strength to your whitewater stroke while retaining perfect flex .
ICC regulations state that pace bowlers are allowed 10 degrees of flex , medium pacers 7 1/2 degrees and spinners five.
Different strength springs providing different degrees of flex are available and selected according to the weight of the skier, not unlike an actual cross country ski.
As you flex your ankle, knee, and hip, your core will fall forward.
While we wouldn't call it a noodle, it's not stunningly stiff: If you really yank on the hoods during a tough climb or torque the drops in a sprint, you feel flex .
This new Kenda has low, square knobs that eliminate knob flex and give positive, predictable traction on even the hardest surfaces.