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fleshy / мясистый, толстый, плотский
имя прилагательное
fleshy, meaty, beefy, pulpy, succulent, squashy
thick, fat, stout, fleshy, heavy, puffy
carnal, fleshly, fleshy, sensual
имя прилагательное
(of a person or part of the body) having a substantial amount of flesh; plump.
her torso was full, fleshy, and heavy
resembling flesh in appearance or texture.
Weapon and enemy modeling is a joke as well, every creature and weapon seems to have this weird type of fleshy texture to it that I can't really describe too well.
Blulaparon rigidum is very different from other members of its genus, which are low plants with fleshy leaves.
He chose to depict ordinary, fleshy bodies - real bodies, that is, ones that had some fat and sag.
Four men in black business suits entered the orphanage and promptly converged on the owner of the orphanage, a large, fleshy man known to the children as Hans.
It's nice to see the famous model displayed like a very ordinary, quite flawed, fleshy female.
Branches and fleshy shrubs and ferns mesh all around the warriors to slow their movement.
There are as many as five species that have been crossed, to produce that perfect fleshy pink or whatever colour she is preferring at the moment.
Looking at the stiff stems topped with dry flowers, it is hard to believe they were, only a short while ago, thick and fleshy and held above a mound of soft, succulent leaves.
Up to 30 cm across, it is usually found below 20m and can be easily recognised by its fleshy pink or white tentacles which, unlike most other anemones, it cannot retract.
They were fleshy and tender like her own arms, but rimmed with spiral corkscrew blades which stretched from wrist to shoulder on each limb, and of course, the hooks.
It puts up large, rather untidy leaves in the summer, they wither and vanish - and then, as the days start to shorten, overnight those irresistible, fleshy flower heads leap out of the soil.