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flesh / плоть, мясо, тело
имя существительное
flesh, body, clay
meat, flesh, bossy, butcher's meat
body, flesh, solid, frame, figure, corpus
сырое мясо
completeness, fullness, fulness, entirety, plenitude, flesh
plump, plump up, put on weight, flesh, gain flesh, plump out
разжигать кровожадность
harden, sear, acerbate, steel, empoison, flesh
обагрять меч кровью
fatten, feed up, cram, flesh
имя существительное
the soft substance consisting of muscle and fat that is found between the skin and bones of an animal or a human.
she grabbed Anna's arm, her fingers sinking into the flesh
put weight on.
he had fleshed out to a solid 220 pounds
give (a hound or hawk) a piece of the flesh of game that has been killed in order to incite it.
remove the flesh adhering to (a skin or hide).
after fleshing, the hide is soaked again
Cut a ripe kiwi fruit in half and squeeze it over the squid, letting both the juice and flesh of the fruit drop into the bowl.
The thick flesh makes the fruit suitable for stuffing and baking.
she gasped as the cold water hit her flesh
the food an animal eats will affect the taste and texture of its flesh
A second later he bit down and allowed his fangs to sink into my soft flesh .
Pieces of skin, flesh , bone falling to the ground in flakes of dust.
she grabbed Anna's arm, her fingers sinking into the flesh
As a side effect, the flesh tones look a few shades too ruddy.
After that time, you can take a peek, and check delicately that the fish flesh flakes easily.
He reached out and grabbed his wife's shoulder here, pushing his fingers into the soft crevice of flesh over bone.