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fleece / руно, шерсть, овечья шерсть
имя существительное
fleece, wool, fell
wool, hair, fur, coat, fleece, pelage
овечья шерсть
fleece, despoil, pick, pluck, shave, pill
стричь овец
shear, fleece
abrade, strip, scrape, fleece, rush, rook
имя существительное
the woolly covering of a sheep or goat.
as the sheep came on board, we grabbed their long shaggy fleeces
a thing resembling a sheep's woolly covering, in particular.
obtain a great deal of money from (someone), typically by overcharging or swindling them.
money that authorities say he fleeced from well-to-do acquaintances
cover as if with a fleece.
the sky was half blue, half fleeced with white clouds
As he shears the rolls of thick wool around its neck, his forearm disappears beneath the fleece and his bicep again bulges.
Often used to reclaim low fertility grazing, Soay are particularly unusual in that their fleece is plucked off rather than shorn.
The heavy fleece shorn from these lambs is of exceptional quality and very, very soft.
Nothing ever looked so sad as a sheep with a sodden fleece .
There is a phrase ‘dyed in the wool’, suggesting that the fleece was dyed before spinning rather than afterwards.
He was unshaven, with a monobrow, red cheeks and a pale face and wore a red shirt, a fleece and dark trousers.
In a sustainable-use program, wild vicunas are herded, captured, shorn of their fleece , and released unharmed.
The fleece must also be checked over for strips of pink skin.
He said the robber, who was wearing a grey hooded fleece with a dark woollen scarf tied around his face, ran off in the direction of St Saviourgate.
For the first time, the contract will involve the supply of the entire Garda uniform, including a blouson jacket with zip-in fleece , shirts, trousers and boots.