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fledgling / неопытный юнец, оперившийся птенец, зеленый юнец
имя существительное
неопытный юнец
fledgeling, fledgling, punk
оперившийся птенец
fledgeling, fledgling
зеленый юнец
callow youth, fledgeling, fledgling, unlicked cub
имя существительное
a young bird that has just fledged.
Only female hummingbirds are involved in parental care; they must incubate eggs, brood young hatchlings, and feed the chicks as nestlings and fledglings .
Harry's fledgling business started to take off when newsagents asked him to deliver the papers along with the contents bills.
the country's fledgling democracy
Croydon has become home to the first in a series of innovation centres to help fledgling businesses get off the ground.
Indeed, it is such films that have inspired fledgling filmmakers to take chances and think out of the box.
This young child would be the first person to be granted a wish by the fledgling organization.
There will also be funds for training 100,000 teachers, and for fledgling entrepreneurs.
These exchanges have become a small but meaningful way of supporting Russia's fledgling market economy.
Before opening the quarterly, I expected to read the work of fledgling student poets.
Nine years on, that fledgling script is about to see the light of day.
The Glaswegian actor and fledgling playwright was broke, fed up with acting, and hungry for a second child.